Slip-and-Fall Accident Lawyer

A slip-and-fall accident is defined as when a person loses balance by slipping, or tripping, and falls to the ground.

Typical cause of slip-and-fall accidents could be:

Indoor Slip-and-Fall

  • Uneven surfaces (such as bad flooring)
  • Slippery surfaces (such as a wet or slippery floor with a foreign substance on it)
  • Poor visibility (such as poorly lit stairs)
  • Broken railings and damaged or broken steps

Outdoor Slip-and-Fall

  • Weather-related (such as poorly cleared ice and snow)
  • Hidden hazards (such as parking lot crack)
  • Poor visibility (such as poorly lit stairs)
  • Broken railings and damaged or broken steps
  • Broken exterior railings and damaged or broken exterior steps
  • Poor visibility (such as poorly lit exterior stairs)

Slip-and-fall cases can be very hard to win without the involvement of a personal injury attorney. The injured party has a difficult task to prove that the owner of the property where the injury occurred is negligent and owes compensation for the slip-and-fall. A property management company for the owner may also be involved. Additionally, the property owner could clean up or fix the cause of the fall immediately after the accident — so it is imperative that you have a personal injury lawyer protect your rights and the evidence as soon as possible. Take photographs of the accident scene as soon as possible after the slip-and-fall. Remember most cellphones have cameras!

To successfully recover damages in a slip-and-fall case the victim must prove that the injury was:

  • The result of a dangerous condition on the property
  • Your injuries are the result of the dangerous or hazardous condition or aggravated prior condition

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If the slip-and-fall accident happened in a work environment then the case must be processed through the Rhode Island workers’ compensation or Massachusetts workers’ compensation systems.